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8 Tips to Nail Your Next Virtual Job Interview

8 Tips to Nail Your Next Virtual Job Interview

We thought you could use some tips to help you navigate your career through this new normal. There are a lot of companies who have conducted virtual interviews before the pandemic, but now everyone is doing it. If you’ve never done one before, we’ve got 8 tips help you make your virtual interview a breeze.

  • Test Your Tech: Check in with your interviewer to see if you need to download any special software for your interview. (Zoom, Skype, etc.)
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  • Check Your Surroundings: Make sure there isn’t anything that will cause a distraction during your interview. Granted, things happen. We have kids, pets…ya know, actual lives. But, do your best to make sure noise levels are at a minimum and you have a clear and clean background and designated space for your interview.
  • Come prepared: Have questions prepared for your interview. You’re interviewing them just as much as they’re interviewing you.
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  • Dress the part: Dress as if you were meeting in person! Please don’t make the mistake of “showing up” to your interview as if you just rolled out of bed (even though you probably did). You want to present your best self even if you’re not seeing your interviewer face to face. Remember that first impressions are lasting.
  • Make a connection: Do your research and follow your interviewer on social media platforms like Linkedin.
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  • Be Yourself: Relax and be yourself! Remember you’re being interviewed because they saw something special in you and think you may be the perfect candidate. Don’t be afraid to talk about your accomplishments and how you can really be an asset to their company.
  • Monitor your Body Language: Remember you’re on camera so smile and relax! Your interviewer can still see you so be mindful of how you come across. Even during a phone interview, your body language can be translated in your tone of voice.
  • Follow up: Always, always, always be sure to follow up after your interview if you want the job! A simple email thanking the interviewer for their time is great and a mailed handwritten note is even better!
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