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Workleisure is the Future of Workwear

Workleisure is the Future of Workwear

During the pandemic, sweatpants, slippers, and comfy loungewear became the norm for quarantine life. Two years post-pandemic and most of us have headed back to the office or gotten used to a hybrid remote-office lifestyle. Blending professionalism with comfort, work leisure is the new normal for the workplace.

What is Workleisure?

” As you can probably tell from the name, work leisure is a blend of workwear and leisure or lounge clothing. This top fall women’s 2021 fashion trend strikes a happy balance between polished-looking pieces and soft, stretchy fabrications. Think of it as the post-pandemic answer to business casual, except this time, it’s business comfort81% of our women’s clients rank comfort as their top priority. Instead of sharp-shouldered blazers and rigid pencil skirts, we’re anticipating the rise of knits and airy shapes. Excited to give them a go? Us, too.” (Stitchfix).

Offices are becoming more lenient with their dress code since the pandemic. Maybe you’re ready to slip on your best professional pieces or not quite ready to give up your t-shirt and joggers uniform. That okay! Workleisure helps you ease your way back into the workplace.

3 Worklesiure Essentials

Think of mules as an elevated professional pair of slippers.

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