start your style transformation with tse


 This is where the magic begins! 
We’ll sit down together (virtually or in person) to see if The Stylette Experience is the perfect match for you. It’s like a first date, but way more posh! We’ll dive into our styling and personal shopping processes, talk about what you’re looking to invest in your look, and most importantly, get to know all the amazing things about you.
Why? Because you’re ah-mazing, and we want to help you build the confidence to take up space in whatever room you walk in and show the world just how amazing you are—looking and feeling good, of course! We’re here to help you translate your unique message into a curated signature style that’s all your own so you  can build a wardrobe of clothes, shoes, and accessories, you actually love!


Build the foundation for your style journey! 

Our Intentional Style Audits are a great first step on your style journey. We’ll talk and figure out your style goals, then create a personalized style plan for you. We will evaluate your budget in great detail to ensure that we align our services with your financial boundaries, always being mindful of providing value.

You’ll get into the TSE Client Hub to fill out our TSE Client Profile Questionnaire. This helps us understand your current style challenges, strengths, and areas to work on. Next, we’ll have a 90-minute Style Strategy Call to go over your answers. Together, we’ll make a plan to build a wardrobe that fits you perfectly. After that, you’ll get an official Style Plan of Action in your email. Think of it as your personal style toolkit.


 You’ll be presented with an array of options tailored to fit your unique situation.
We leave it up to you to thoughtfully consider which Stylette Experience resonates most profoundly with you, which one sparks your excitement, and promises to fulfill your sartorial aspirations. Whether you’re seeking a one-time style revamp, ongoing wardrobe updates, or perhaps a more extensive styling partnership, you will have the freedom to select the styling experiences that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle, objectives, and personal evolution in fashion. Each Stylette Experience has been carefully crafted to meet diverse needs and preferences, ensuring that you can confidently choose the pathway that feels right for you.

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My Stylette Experience was phenomenal! I knew from the start that Tori would be the one to help me find the right look for my photo shoot. She asked very detailed questions to gain an understanding of my personal style and the look I wanted to portray. Our Shop & Style session was a busy woman's dream! Instead of having to shop around myself to find all the pieces for my look, Tori did all the work for me! In less than two hours, I had a complete look including accessories and shoes that fit my style and matched my budget. This was my first experience with a personal stylist and it was most enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Tori for your personal styling needs!
Truly incredible. Tori was essential for making my first brand photo shoot a success. From our first call, Tori brought a sense of understanding, ease and confidence. I had never worked with a stylist and had so much fun exploring what my personal style is and how I could best express myself through my wardrobe in my upcoming photos. She met me exactly where I was on my budget and worked with me to incorporate pieces from my wardrobe to land on a range of styles that I loved. The day of my photoshoot she was my personal wardrobe fairy! She showed up early and helped me prep and steam my clothes and laid out each outfit with an array of colorful sticky notes to make sure I knew exactly what went with what. She brought so much calm and ease to an otherwise very hectic day. I'm so grateful that I got to experience Tori's gift. I would recommend The Stylette in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a stylist that will help them more fully and confidently express themselves through their personal style!
I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm so happy that I decided to work with you, Tori. I was delighted that you were able to find some looks in my closet already, so I didn't feel like I had to buy a whole new wardrobe. You did find some AMAZING pieces that challenged my preconceived ideas for what I like (i.e., high waisted jeans), but those simply supplemented instead of replaced. I really appreciated that. You also didn't make me feel bad for saying "no" to some things you pulled, which I appreciated. One bit of feedback: I REALLY loved the in-person visit when we first met. I felt like you were able to pull things that caught your eye from my closet pretty easily.
What a fun experience! I was in such great hands with Tori!