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You Need These Colors in Your Closet to Brighten Your Mood

If you’re getting a little bored with your wardrobe and need style inspiration, look no further. We could all use a little more color in our closet, even when we’re chillin’ in…

Future of Fashion: 3D Virtual Fashion Shows

Hanifa broke the internet Friday evening with a virtual fashion show featuring their new collection #PinkLabelCongo. Between the 3D garments flowing flawlessly on the imaginary runway, the curvaceous figures, and overall innovation—it’s…

Designer to Watch: Devan Gregori Debuts Her Sustainable Brands with Freedom in Mind

We love talking with designers and getting to know where their inspiration comes from behind their brands. Big and small. Today, I caught up with Devan Gregori a sustainable designer based in…

Books About Style and Fashion to Add to Your Reading List

I love getting lost and going down a warp hole when I read a fashion book. They make me feel creative and inspired after I read them and it reminds me why…

How Calabasas, California Became A Stylish Fashion Hub

There’s one place on earth so influential in pop culture that Drake wrote a song about it and Kanye created a whole clothing line around its name. But this cultural mecca isn’t a big city or…

8 Tips to Nail Your Next Virtual Job Interview

We thought you could use some tips to help you navigate your career through this new normal. There are a lot of companies who have conducted virtual interviews before the pandemic, but…

Getting Dressed With No Where to Go Can Make You Happy

Putting together an outfit is like suiting yourself with social armor. What we wear has power and influence not only over the message we’re sending to others but it also tells a…

Stylette of the Day: Meet Elisa

TS: Who and what are your biggest influences when it comes to your personal style? Stella McCartney, my Younger self who always took risks and gives me a kick in the pants…

Meet Chi Ilochi

We want to explore the style journey of everyday women just like you! Check out our Stylette of the Day features to read interviews of modern millennial women who are discovering, exploring, and elevating…

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