I have to admit, you guys have been killing it since COVID. Working on your skincare, fitness, career, family, starting businesses, going back to school, becoming plant moms. Much like the rest of the world, we have all gone through (or currently going through) a transformation in one way or another within the past year. However, your wardrobe and style has stayed stagnant as a result of you putting it to the back burner of your life. It is no longer or it never was a priority for you.

Let’s look at the past year together. ALL of us were quarantined due to COVID. Most of us bought cute loungewear and leisurewear to look cute in the house. Now everyone is getting vaccinated and heading back outdoors and going places. We have all started the process of recovery and rebuilding.

If you’re not updating your wardrobe as your as your life evolves and seasons changes in your life you are doing yourself a disservice because you are now allowing yourself to subconsciously revert back to old thought patterns because the wardrobe you have right now is for the woman you were 5 years ago or even 10 years ago!

This is mentally, emotionally and even physically hindering you.

And like any transformation, it’s not going to be comfortable. With that being said, transformation also isn’t about adding more work to your life, it’s about shifting your perspective so life and even your style and wardrobe becomes more fun, magical and joyful.

I’ve switched up my style tons of times but every time it’s happened its come with a different season of my life.

So, I want you to think about this during your quiet time or your alone time ask yourself has your style and wardrobe caught up with your personal and professional transformation?

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