A good personal stylist can give advice on how to wear different pieces together, which colors flatter your skin tone best and which ones don’t work as well with your features, how to maximize the choices you already have in your closet—all the stuff that we spend hours upon hours trying to figure out on your own when fashion and style is not your ministry.

But with a little guidance and a few questions, anyone can learn how to find the perfect personal wardrobe stylist who will help them discover the best looks for their body type, personality, budget, and lifestyle—and build relationships that last years or even decades.

We’ve put together this guide for you! Here are our tips for finding the right personal stylist:

1) Find someone who understands who you are as an individual: Will they understand my lifestyle? Do I feel like I can be myself around them? Will I feel comfortable expressing my thoughts, preferences, and feelings about their choices with them? If the answer is “no,” then keep looking! You want someone who will inspire you and help you look great, not someone who tries to change who you are or what you like. Remember that the more you work with the same personal stylist consistently, the more they learn your style and lifestyle, and the better your relationship will be (and last!).

2) Find someone who can help you become a better shopper: You want to find a personal stylist that will help you make intentional purchases for your wardrobe. This makes your investment in a personal stylist worthwhile and will save you money over the years because you are making intentional purchases and building your wardrobe with versatile and cohesive pieces that you actually want to wear. You can kiss impulsive shopping habits goodbye.

Styled by The Stylette Experience Photographer: The Branding Babe

3) Find someone who will listen to your needs and wants without judgment or criticism. This is SO important to me. One of the main pieces of feedback that I receive from my TSE clients is that I do not pressure them into anything. This is a Zero judgment zone. You don’t like it? Let’s try another option. We will figure it out together.

4) Ask them about their process. How long do they typically work with clients? How often do they meet up with them in person? What kind of feedback do they use once an outfit has been chosen? Where do they source their looks? What kind of services do they offer and how much do they charge?

Finally, make sure their portfolio includes pictures of real people wearing their clothes (and not just models).

Styled by The Stylette Experience Photography: The Branding Babe

5) Find someone you can trust. Ask around for referrals, check out testimonials, take a look at the stylist’s bio, and most importantly, book a consultation. This consultation will be the deciding factor based on the stylists’ energy and professionalism.

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