If you’re a Netflix girly like me, you know that I was so excited to watch the new series, Survival of the Thickest.

The series focuses on Mavis Beaumont, a plus-sized, newly single Black woman who finds herself having to rebuild her life as a struggling stylist.

When it comes to relationships and pivoting in your career, this show personally hit HOME and came right on time. Outside of me not being a plus-size girly, I resonate with Mavis so much. I’ve had my own body-conscious issues with fluctuating weights from a size 2-14, having so many close friends throughout my life struggling to love their curvy bodies and learning how to dress them. But, what I’ve always wanted is to help other women feel fierce and fabulous at any size and any age.

The gems I caught in this series have sparked flames to the transformative fire happening in my life right now.

First of all, the cast is amazing and the beautiful Michelle Buteau is killing this role and series just like I knew she would.

One of my favorite takeaways is the fact that Mavis struggles with her own insecurities while she is simultaneously helping other women navigate and overcome their own and uses her gift to encourage and educate women to love the bodies they have right now (whew, so me!).

At the beginning of Ep.2 Mavis meets with Garcelle Beauvais, who plays supermodel Natasha, for a consultation and fitting to get her measurements for an upcoming red carpet event.

Natasha first refuses to allow Mavis to get her measurements. So, Mavis moves to plan B and asks for her sizes, Natasha responds and says she wears a size 4. Mavis gave one look and a hard no.

Natasha then walks over to show Mavis a piece that she bought for the event, an old-fashioned corset.

Mavis ultimately reminds her that she does not need the corset for the event, she encouraged her to trust her to achieve her fierce red-carpet vision and find a look that will work for her body. But, when Natasha insists on wearing the corset, Mavis stood her ground and gracefully told her she simply cannot style her since it went against her style morals and values. And yet, Natasha still hired Mavis as her stylist. Why?


She knew everything Mavis said was right. Ever heard the saying, “Make the dress work for you, you don’t work for the dress” or something like that lol? It’s TRUE.

Why do we try to mold ourselves into a completely alternative version of ourselves, make ourselves uncomfortable and miserable, just to fit into a certain size? We worry our heads and hold on to pieces in our closets that just aren’t for our bodies anymore. We convince ourselves that our bodies weren’t made for certain pieces and styles and while that may be true (AND OKAY!) for some things, we shouldn’t be so quick to cancel ourselves and our bodies (doing the absolute most) just for some clothes sis.

I love style. I love fashion. I love it so much. I love helping other women find their style and find outfits that their hearts jump for joy in when they look at themselves in the mirror. But one thing, I will not and will never do is put my clients in a position when they are not comfortable. (Ask. 👏🏾About.👏🏾 Me.👏🏾)

As women, we are our own worst critics. Don’t self-sabotage, self-deprecate, and talk yourself out of a bomb outfit that you haven’t even worn yet or try to tuck, smush, and fold all your body parts to the point where you cannot breathe just for a DRESS! It’s not worth it. 🙅🏾 .

I mean seriously, what’s the point of wearing a beautiful dress if you can’t breathe in it!

Whether that means hunting endlessly for the cutest flats when I know my client had foot surgery and cannot do heels, meticulously shopping for the best jewelry knowing my client has sensitive skin, finding breathable fabrics for my clients going through menopause, finding tops that work for my breastfeeding mamas. Chileee, the list goes on. But, I GET IT. That’s why I go hard for my clients and my Stylettes for real.

This show got me really excited and I thought this would be the perfect way to kick off my new newsletter: Girl, Glow Up! 💎.

If you’re ready to change your mindset 🧠 and the way you think 💭 about your style and how you get dressed 🪞👗 book a consultation with us or check out our personal style workbook and guide, Styleology on Amazon!

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