Organize by garment type:

create a visual system that makes it easy for you to put together outfits together. Put your sleeveless, short sleeve, then long sleeves shirts all together followed by your skirts: mini, midi, maxi; followed by your pants: you can organize these by dress pants, denim (if you hang your jeans), casual pants; then you would hang your dresses, blazers/jackets.

Organize by color:

You can create a rainbow in your closet (if you have a colorful wardrobe like me) or you can just organize your clothes from dark to light if you have a lot of neutrals.

Organize your accessories:

Keep shoes, purses, and jewelry in hanging organizers, so you can see them alongside your clothes. Use hat boxes or high-quality gift boxes for a quick, top-shelf storage option. Whether you need a place for belts, scarves, hats, or other smaller items, stylish boxes provide the perfect sized space and help keep little accessories in their place and out of the way. If space is limited, try this small closet organization idea: place hooks on the door as a quick, easy option for hanging handbags, scarves, or other accessories.

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