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3 Reasons You Still Buy Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories You Don’t Wear

Women wear only about 20%-25% of their wardrobe but yet we’re always constantly buying new things. Here are 3 reasons you still buy clothes, shoes, and accessories you don’t wear.

1. You don’t have a goal or vision in mind when you shop:

You fall into the trap of buying the first pretty or cute item you see without much thought. You don’t know what you should be looking for when you’re shopping because you lack a style plan of action and strategy.

2. You don’t know what you really want:

This goes back to the first point. You have never gotten clear on what you want in your wardrobe (colors, style, patterns, and prints, etc.) You do not shop or dress with intention.

3. You haven’t taken inventory of your closet:

You have no idea what you really have in your closet, so you end up buying repeat pieces in the same colors and styles. Then you don’t realize it until it’s collecting dust and you still find your self wearing the same thing over and over again.

If these sound like you, I encourage you to grab a ticket to my 5 Day Intentional Challenge.

We will be setting style intentions and goals, you’re going to learn how to create your own style plan of action, going to give you some tips on dressing for your body type so you know what to do, we’re going to create our own style mood boards

If you’re ready to start being intentional about the way you shop and dress, come join us for the challenge.

Tori Bouldin

Tori B. is the founder of The Stylette and Head Stylist of The Stylette Experience Co. Born and raised in Baltimore, MD the mom of 2 juggles building an empire and raising her 8-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter. She attended Stevenson University for Fashion Design and LIM for Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. Tori has been a style writer for WOE Magazine and has worked for companies like Kohls, H&M and Nordstrom. She believes that when you look good, you feel good, and ultimately perform better in every area of your life.

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