At some point in her life, every woman finds herself saying these four dreadful words— I have nothing to wear. 

Most times, this is a subconscious lie that we tell ourselves even when we can clearly see we are blessed with a closet full of clothes. 

There are a myriad of reasons why you may be feeling like your wardrobe is monotonous and has limited capabilities. 

You have grown, evolved and matured and your wardrobe hasn’t. 

There’s a good chance that you have grown up and your wardrobe is stuck in the 11th grade. It’s okay, we all make stylish mistakes however, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Assess what you did like about your old wardrobe and style and use those as part of your key elements for building your updated wardrobe.

Your clothes are scattered and unorganized.

This type of closet dysfunction can ultimately be a make a break situation when it comes to choosing outfits you actually love from your own closet. If you’re not familiar with our Closet Commandments to help you maintain and organize your closet, you might want to download a digital copy of our workbook, Styleology.

 If you don’t have an organized system for your clothes, there’s no way you’re able to use your wardrobe to its fullest potential. This will lead to impulse buys, repeat purchases, and limitations to the amount of functionality and versatility you can achieve with the clothes you already own. 

photo by Adrienne Leonard

You like to hold on to “one-hit wonders.”

 I like to call the clothes, shoes, and accessories we love to buy for special events and occasions (usually at the last minute) “one hit wonders.” 

They are the items we wear only once and hang back in our closet to collect dust. These “one hit wonders” usually never see the light of day again. Stick to the rule of thumb and another Closet Commandment of ours which is, if you haven’t worn it in at least a year — toss it. 

You simply buy things you don’t need. 

It’s tough but it’s the truth. You’ve got to stop buying all the pretty things with no purpose or intention. 

When you make a new purchase, the item should go with at least two other pieces of clothing in your closet to create an outfit. There’s no point in buying an intricately designed top if you don’t have the right bottoms to with it right? 

What happens is, you buy this charming top only to realize you have nothing to wear with it and until you do get something to wear with it or have a good excuse to wear it it will sit in your closet. No bueno.

5. Your clothes don’t fit your lifestyle anymore. 

I had a friend who used to work full time at an amazing design firm a few years ago. Her style was always sexy yet professional, clean and polished. Now she is a mom to a new baby boy and she runs her own business right from home. 

You can say that the pumps and tailored pants-and blazer-sets no longer are a wardrobe staple for her. I’d get pretty frustrated too with having all these clothes to wear but no wear to wear them to. She would resort to wearing her pajamas or leggings and a tshirt around the house because she felt as though she had no other options. 

After she had a Stylette Experience with me, she created her own work uniform that works for both her mom and entrepreneurial lifestyle. Now her outfit combo go-tos are a graphic tee + leggings + chunky cardigan + sneakers and boyfriend jeans + neutral tees + and a comfy blazer.  You need to find clothes that work for you and every part of your life.

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