When you think of combat boots, what comes to mind? 90s Cameron Diaz? Classic Doc Martins? Teenage rebellion? Or what about that classic promotional poster for The Princess Diaries with Mia Thermopolis rocking combat boots with her princess gown?

While combat boots have always been my shoe of preference, I think the rest of the world is starting to understand the same love I have for these boots. I wear my combat boots with just about anything and for me, it always works. Combat boots give an edge and realistic appeal to the most luxurious and trendy outfits.

Wear with your favorite Longline coat


Wear with a blazer dress.

image Source: Getty / Gotham

Wear with a luxe gown.

 For this unexpected combination, try to choose a boot style that’s on the slicker, more polished side of the spectrum.

Hanna Lassen/Getty Images

Wear with all leather.

Okay, so sis wore a leather trench as a dress, layered with a turtleneck and tights underneath with her combat boots…someone give this lady a #sostyletteaward!

Wear with head to toe denim.


Darker denim will always give you a cleaner more polished look—-in this case like a pant suit, just denim.

With a Pant Suit


This look just gives me, “I mean business but I also can get down, dirty, and hands on if necessary.”

Wear with Sequins

In my humble Virgo opinion, sequins just make everything better but when you pair them with combat boots, honey, you become unstoppable.

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