Every successful woman has habits in place that ensures that she and her family continue to thrive. Then, there are women who know how to get shit done in a pair of Brother Vellies ‘bianca’ heels like it’s nothing, and looks so good doing it. From owning a steamer to owning their signature looks, these simple routines  help busy women on the go stay on top of their game. 

They have an organized closet.

Successful women don’t have time to rummage through a million and one garments for an hour in the morning trying to figure out what to wear. Successful women have a visual system for their closet so choosing outfits is effortless. Avoid taking off your clothes and throwing them on that chair (and you know what chair I’m talking about) and take the time out to organize your closet so you can hang them up in the proper place. 

They have a schedule and they stay on top of it. 

Successful women are prepared and that includes being prepared with the right outfit for the right time and place. They know what to wear when it’s 50 degrees outside, meetings all day on Tuesday, her son has a baseball game in the afternoon and then the family is heading out for dinner. She knows she needs to be boss enough for work and will bring her Puma sneakers when it’s time to be in mommy mode.

They give themselves time to get ready in the morning.

Successful women wake up early to get ready for the day. Coffee. Check. Breakfast. Check. Emails. Check. Yoga. Check. Look like a bad ass? Check. They set aside enough time in the morning to shower, get dressed, and do hair and makeup. Image is important though not everything. First impressions are lasting. Make it a memorable one.

They have a signature look or an everyday “uniform” .

Successful women know their “go tos”, a few outfits that they wear on a daily basis. Tailored pant suits in bright colors paired with sneakers could be one successful woman’s uniform for work. Or jeans, a graphic tee, a blazer and booties could be a another woman’s signature style. Find and discover your signature style with our digital personal style guide and workbook, Styleology: The Busy Girls Guide to Personal Style. 

They own a steamer …

because wrinkled clothing isn’t cute and it looks cheap. Steamers work better with a variety of pieces which makes it the better option. More control for various silhouettes and fabrics.

They hire a stylist: 

Successful women are typically very booked busy ,and blessed. Which means they don’t have time to shop, to keep up with  wardrobe inventory, pack, and to style and put their own outfits together every single day. It doesn’t not necessarily mean that they lack personal style. But hiring a stylist can cut down on time, save you a headache, and plus you have someone who knows your personal style better than you do. Have you worked with a stylist before? Visit our sister company The Stylette Experience’s website to schedule a free consultation. TSE provides tailored styling experiences for creative entrepreneurs,professional women, and moms virtually and locally in person in the DMV. 

They have the right undergarments.

 Successful women invest in shape wear and undergarments that complement their outfits and bodies to ensure the most confidence. 

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