Getting my two-year-old dressed is like wrestling an alligator. The kicking, screaming, taking out a leg after I finally got the other into her shorts— you would think I just went for a jog with the sweat that came with that small simple task. I already went through this phase with my now almost six-year-old son, so when she started giving me the ‘getting ready’ blues, I knew just what to do.

During my six years of motherhood (so far), I’ve figured out 3 ways to get my munchkins dressed without reaching for a glass of wine after the task is complete.

Let Your Toddler Choose His/Her Outfit

I created a quick method that allowed my toddler to choose her own clothes and shoes to wear for the day (trusting my fashion and style rubbed off on my offspring). I’d choose two shirts, two pairs of pants, and two pairs of shoes for him to choose from. This allows your child to focus, think, and come up with a decision on his /her own. Over time, I’ve noticed that this helps them develop a sense of independence and individuality—two major personal qualities I instill into my children.

Pick and Plan Out Your Toddler’s Outfits for the Week

My oldest munchkin started Kindergarten this past school year. As a Virgo Mama, planning and organization bring peace to my mind. One morning as I was casually scrolling through my Facebook timeline, I came across a genius mom post. Some incredibly smart mom had a five-drawer storage container filled with her son’s outfits for every day of the week—fully prepared from head to toe. Planning your little one’s outfit the night before can save you a lot of time in the morning.

Make Getting Dressed Fun!

Play music, sing a song—make getting dressed something fun and enjoyable for your child and they will give you less of a hard time. Quiz them on the colors, animals, and prints they see on their clothes. Describe what’s going on, where you’re going, and run down their schedule for the day. Time them to see if they can get their outfit on in two minutes flat! Style is supposed to be fun. So make getting dressed fun for them and they’ll make it fun for you too, mama!

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