Shopping, either you love it or you don’t. Some of us were born with the gift to thrift and solve our problems with retail therapy. For those that have been traumatized by horrible shopping experiences, here are a few stylist tips for having a stress-free shopping experience.

  1. Prep your Shopping List & Know What Your Looking For

If you’ve stuck around with The Stylette for a minute, then you know I’m all about shopping and dressing with intention. Be intentional with your next shopping trip by prepping your shopping list with pieces that will fill gaps in your wardrobe, wish list pieces, statement pieces that add the finishing touches to a wardrobe that aligns with your signature style.

2. Wear something comfortable

Wearing comfortable clothes that you can easily slip on and off for fitting room trips can make shopping 10x more pleasurable. Wearing too many layers, clothes that make you too hot or cool, or clothing that is difficult to take on and off will only cause a hassle and will tempt you to say “f*ck this* and storm right out the door. STYLIST TIP: Wear various light layers if it’s cold outside because it will get hot when you’re shopping under hot fitting room lights.

3. Shop Online

It’s a rather simple` solution and often the easiest (unless you’re looking for last-minute looks!). The beauty of online shopping is that you can buy what you want and try it on in the comfort of your own home, & return what you don’t like. Make sure you’re paying attention to return policies before you buy!

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