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How to Style Bucket Hats

Dear The Stylette, I bought a few cute bucket hats. Ya know, because nostalgia. But, I realized I have no idea how to style them. Can you help me out with a few ideas?

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If you have had your eye on bucket hats lately, you’re not alone. I love how versatile this accessory can be year-round. The multitude of textures, prints, colors, and fabrics opens up so many opportunities to style bucket hats with your favorite outfit.

Here are a few ways you can style bucket hats at home:

sweater + pants + long line coat + bucket hat

A button-down and jeans combo will do the trick, just make sure for the colder weather you use your handy dandy base layer for added warmth, and of course a longline coat and boots!

joggers set + bucket hats

If you want to amp up your lazy girl style, accessories are the way to go! Add a bucket hat to your favorite jogger set, sneakers, and a few chains for a comfy “model off duty” street style look.

turtleneck + pants suit + bucket hat

I especially love this look for work. It’s polished yet has a youthful essence to it when you add the bucket hat.

Tori Bouldin

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