TS: Who and what are your biggest influences when it comes to your personal style?

I would say I actually don’t have a single place or person I find that influences my style. I love to find fashion inspiration in unexpected places. From taking public transit (not right now of course) to watching Project Runway, I’m so curious about discovering new styles and how people express themselves through fashion.

TS: Where are your favorites places to shop on and offline?

Everlane is my go-to for closet staples. They have so many amazing sustainable pieces and most of their shop is in the neutral color palette that I find timeless. Anthropologie is my favorite store to splurge on for special pieces. They seem to nail my style and of course include a petite section, which is a huge perk considering I’m 5’0”! Everything else I try to rent. I’m a huge fan of Rent the Runway, Stylist LA and Nuuly.

TS: Three most favorite things in your closet?

Jean jumpsuit – easiest outfit to throw on that makes it look like I took time to get ready
Black belt bag – perfect for travel or long walks where I likely need my hands free at some point
A great headband – for a needed pop of color, to pull an outfit together or just a bad hair day

TS: Describe your style in 5 words or less?

Neutral boho, comfort is queen!

TS: What is your power word for 2020?

Love this question! My word for 2020 is “mindful.” I’ve been infusing that into every aspect of life. A general focus on more mindfulness in what I am consuming, feeling, exuding, sharing, etc.

TS: What trends are you looking forward to trying this year?

Square-toed heels, I know they have been in style for a while now but it is just getting warm enough in Chicago to do open-toe shoes! I’m also very excited to wear more puffy sleeves and varying shades of yellow — two trends I think are having a moment in 2020.

TS: 3 books are on your quarantine reading list?

I just finished “The New Jim Crow.” This is a MUST read for all Americans.
I just started “Little Fires Everywhere” and I’m so excited to have the time to read the book before I watch the show!
I’m excited to start reading “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston after I finish “Little Fires Everywhere.”
Quarantine has given me the opportunity to tackle my mile-long reading list and for that I’m so grateful!

TS: Favorite song right now?

“RITMO” by J Balvin and Black Eyed Peas. It’s such a banger.

TS: What piece of style advice has stuck with you your whole life?

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” Your attitude is everything in life and it doesn’t matter if you’re in a baggy t-shirt or a showstopper dress, your heart leaves a lasting impression so lead with that.

TS: How are you maintaining your style and your sanity during this unprecedented time?

Maintaining is a great word! It’s definitely been a struggle to up my style or try new things during shelter-in-place, but I have been making an effort to schedule weekly date nights with my husband. They’ve given me a great excuse to get dressed up. I’ve continued using Rent the Runway to cycle in some fun statement pieces for those special nights in addition to some comfy work-from-home pieces to get me out of my sweats!

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