Who and what are your biggest influences when it comes to your personal style?

My biggest influence when it comes to my personal style is honestly just my own confidence. I believe that my personal style is a reflection of me as a whole. I’m not really big on trends but really just focus on what I like, if that makes sense.

I would also say that my mom helped me to develop that sense of confidence and not being afraid to be myself. I can remember being one of the only girls in high school that wore high heels on regular basis versus sneakers (which is the “in” style) and I also didn’t focus so much on designer labels…..my mom encouraged me to just be me! That has always resonated with me…..

Where are your favorites places to shop on and offline?

Online: Fashionnova Curve, H&M and BooHoo

In-store: Target and H&M

Three most favorite things in your closet?

White Blazer Dress, Square Toe Heels and My Adidas leggings lol

Describe your style in 5 words or less?

Chic, Classy & Sexy

What is your power word for 2020?


What trends are you looking forward to trying this year?

Chunky sneakers, blazer dresses, suit wear, blazer dress, and anything with puff sleeves!

3 books are on your quarantine reading list?

1) 10% Happier – by Dan Moody

2) Battlefield of the Mind – by Joyce Meyer

3) The Wilmington Ten – by Kenneth Robert Jankin

Favorite song right now?

“Love Myself” by Tracee Ellis Ross has been on repeat lately! Love that song and the message!

If you could tell your 16-year-old self one thing, what would it be?

Dream BIG! Don’t settle for safe!

What piece of style advice has stuck with you your whole life?

The main piece of style advice that has always stuck with me….is not to focus so much on looking “trendy” but to build my wardrobe around clothing pieces that are classic and add items that really reflect my creativity and personality.

How are you maintaining your style and your sanity during this unprecedented time?

Honestly, it seems like this wild time has really boosted my creativity and reignited my love for fashion all over again! Curating new looks is helping me maintain my sanity but also pushing me out of my comfort zone! I also try and dress up at least twice per week and take pictures just to maintain a certain level of normalcy.

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