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Today, we caught up with Raquel Avalos of https://raquelavalos.com


TS: Who and what are your biggest influences when it comes to your personal style?
R: My mom has great style. I love looking at photos of when she was young to find inspiration. I also use Pinterest a lot to find inspiration for styling tips.

TS: Where are your favorites places to shop on and offline?
R: Ebay and Goodwill are great, especially when it comes to finding staple pieces. You can find high quality clothing, for a low price.

TS: Three most favorite things in your closet?
R: My Spice Girls World Tour tee that I bought when I went to their concert, A vintage leather coat I scored on at the Salvation Army and my vintage Neiman Marcus camel coat I found on Ebay.


TS: Describe your style in 5 words or less?
R: Downtown, minimal, classic, quirky, relaxed, & modern (that’s six)

TS: What is your power word for 2020?
R: Unstoppable


TS: What trends are you looking forward to trying this year?
R: Pastels, colored leather, and monochrome outfits

TS: 3 books are on your quarantine reading list?
R: Trick Mirror, Hood Feminism and Fruit of The Drunken Tree

TS: Favorite song right now?
R: Yo Perreo Sola by Bad Bunny


TS: What piece of style advice has stuck with you your whole life?
R: Comfort equals confidence. There’s nothing worse than wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

TS: How are you maintaining your style and your sanity during this unprecedented time?
R: Maintaining a routine of changing in and out of clothes is important. Changing from pajamas to workout clothes to sweats, maybe to an outfit and then back into sweats or pajamas. I am loving the tie dye trend. I made a couple of new lounge sets to wear and some tees that I can wear with just about anything. My style has gone from wearing jeans everyday to sweats or leggings, so it’s kind of nice. I just try to change it up everyday.

For my sanity, I have been blocking out times and designate areas. I wake up at 7 am every morning, give myself an hour or two to get a workout in, shower, make a cup of coffee and then start to work. I keep my work in the dining room. When I have lunch, I sit in the living room and watch some TV. At the end of the day, to unwind, I go up to my room and do a facial or read. Then go downstairs to make dinner. So far it has been working.

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