December is nearby and if you live on the east coast, like me, then you know it is about to get real. I strongly believe that dressing in layers for the colder seasons shouldn’t come with the cost of walking out the door looking like a marshmallow. The Art of Layering is a #sostylette skill that every woman should master.

Fun fact about me— I’m a summer baby and I do not do well with the cold. So, as a stylist and fellow member of the always cold club, I feel like it is my duty to give you a guide on warm layering tips and tricks to save you from freezing your ass off. 

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Don’t forget your base layer. 

You want to invest in basic foundation pieces for all of your layering in the winter like:

  • Turtlenecks
  • Leggings
  • tights/stockings
  • Knee high knit socks

Wear leggings under your pants or jeans. 

Sissss, can you say warm?! Leggings will give you an extra layer of comfortable fabric to keep you warm under your favorite denim or trousers. 

Turtlenecks and leggings will be your favorite maxi dress’s saving grace. 

Using your base layer and adding a feminine maxi dress over top will not only give you warmth but a well-put together winter look, especially when you pair it when your favorite boots and wool longline coat or a short puffer option.

Full length jackets over your favorite sweats can instantly upgrade your look.

To the woman who experimented with this look in her closet, I thank you. Quarantine lifesaver.

Shirt jackets are becoming a great outerwear alternative.

If you’re looking for a few winter outfit combo ideas, I got you with you with this one.

turtleneck + chunky knit sweater + shirt jacket + leggings (2 pairs for extra warmth) + knit socks + combat boots

This is a super layered look that is easy for you to pull apart and put together again if you get too warm or too chilly. Walking to grab a cup of coffee? Throw this on for the cold walk down and when you get inside, you can take off your moto jacket, still be extra cozy and look cute.

Try one of these shirt jackets from Nordstrom: 

Fleece, wool, velvet and faux fur are your winter friends.

All of these materials will act as a shield from the cold as your outermost layer of your winter outfit. 

Make a statement by switching up your base layer prints & colors. 

Your base layer doesn’t always have to black. Switch up and play with different colors and prints by layering some of your favorite sweaters and graphic tees over your playful turtlenecks.

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