With the pandemic, no one has been 100% sure how 2020’s fashion month is going to go this September. However, I do have some insider information on what is going down. And of course, I have to spill the tea to my Stylettes so you guys are in on my favorite time of the year.

First, I’m SO happy that fashion month is not canceled because I look forward to it every year. I even had the honor to be invited to WWD X Samsung’s Fashion Tech panel a few years ago and Project Runway’s Season Finale Show.

I love everything from the street style, the soirees, to the new collections. Especially fall fashion month, because it’s such a great time for reinventing yourself and your style!

Gucci fall 2020Photo: Corey Tenold

According to the New York Times, the governing fashion week bodies insist that fashion month goes as planned in September and October.

Rodarte fall 2020Photo: Corey Tenold

I mean, here we are fresh into August and we still don’t have too many concrete answers. But, hey! At least we have something to work with.

Mark your calendars! We may or may not be having a watch party for fashion month 🙂 So stay tuned & Subscribe so you’re the first to know!!

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