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This 4 Pile Strategy Will Change the Way You Purge Your Closet

Looking at your closet, at first, can be completely overwhelming— which can result in total resentment of organizing your closet in the first place.

To make things easier, I’ve created a FOUR PILE STRATEGY to help you purge and organize your closet

  • KEEP: obviously, these would be the clothing, shoes, and accessories that made the cut to stay in your closet—at least for now. These clothes should fit your body, be functional and versatile enough for your lifestyle, and most of all you should love how you look and feel in them.
  • RECYCLE: these are the clothing, shoes, and accessories that are going to be donated or consigned. We never ever throw away clothes in the trash, even if they are stained or damaged, just throw them in the recycling bin! You can also use sites and services like , look into textile recycling, or if you have old tees with stains turn them into cleaning rags!
  • STORAGE: these are the items you would typically store away seasonally. I like to switch out my clothing on a seasonal basis so I can maximize the space I have in my closet. Put fall and winter pieces away and then bring spring and summer clothes out! 
  • REPAIR: these are the items that need to be taken to the tailor for alterations or repairs, this includes shoe repairs and any garments that need dry cleaning! Missing buttons, long hemlines, waistline too big? Time for alterations.

Tori Bouldin

Tori B. is the founder of The Stylette and Head Stylist of The Stylette Experience Co. Born and raised in Baltimore, MD the mom of 2 juggles building an empire and raising her 8-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter. She attended Stevenson University for Fashion Design and LIM for Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. Tori has been a style writer for WOE Magazine and has worked for companies like Kohls, H&M and Nordstrom. She believes that when you look good, you feel good, and ultimately perform better in every area of your life.

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