This 4 Pile Strategy Will Change the Way You Purge Your Closet

Looking at your closet, at first, can be completely overwhelming— which can result in total resentment of organizing your closet in the first place. To make things easier, I’ve created a FOUR PILE STRATEGY to help you purge and organize your closet.  KEEP: obviously, these would be the clothing, shoes, and accessories that made the […]

Inclusive Lingerie Brands to Invest in For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we need to get you right sis—these are the inclusive lingerie brands you need. From sexy lingerie to nude basics you can wear every day, we got you for V-day and beyond. Check out these amazing lingerie brands you (or your boo) should invest in for Valentine’s […]

Vitamin C is Vital to Your Skincare Routine and Here’s Why

Vitamin C is a skin supernutrient that protects skin cells from damaging sun rays, inhibits melanin production, helps improve hyperpigmentation, even out skin tone, and improve your natural glow. Now imagine the results of implementing vitamin c into your skincare routine. Say goodbye to random brown spots I’m happy to know that I’m not the […]

How to Style Bucket Hats

Dear The Stylette, I bought a few cute bucket hats. Ya know, because nostalgia. But, I realized I have no idea how to style them. Can you help me out with a few ideas? AShley | 28 | columbia, md | branding coach If you have had your eye on bucket hats lately, you’re not […]

Do Not Trip Over That Size Tag: A Lesson in Embracing Your Body

Do not, I repeat, Do NOT trip over that size tag 🏷 girl. If you need to go up a size or down—do not continue to sabotage yourself, talk down to yourself, or make it seem as if your body is the issue. It’s not. Embrace your body!! You should be investing in wardrobe items […]