Routine Videos Inspire Me to Romanticize my Life

The little mundane things that we do on a daily basis can start to feel like we’re imprisoned after a while. Like, that one Spongebob episode when Squidward goes to Squidville with big dreams only to repeat the same routine every day. I read a quote yesterday that said, “your future is hidden in your […]

3 Signs That You’re Overdue for New and Refreshed Branding Images

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or on the journey of your professional career, professional headshots and branding images can be the money-making marketing push you need to take your brand or career to the next level. If you’re wondering if you need new branding images, here’s a few signs to tell you … it is time. […]

How to Shop Stress-Free 101

Shopping, either you love it or you don’t. Some of us were born with the gift to thrift and solve our problems with retail therapy. For those that have been traumatized by horrible shopping experiences, here are a few stylist tips for having a stress-free shopping experience. Prep your Shopping List & Know What Your […]

3 Reasons You Still Buy Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories You Don’t Wear

Women wear only about 20%-25% of their wardrobe but yet we’re always constantly buying new things. Here are 3 reasons you still buy clothes, shoes, and accessories you don’t wear. 1. You don’t have a goal or vision in mind when you shop: You fall into the trap of buying the first pretty or cute […]

10 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When Your Purge Your Closet

If you’re having trouble deciding what items you should keep or purge from your closet, here are a few questions that will help you narrow down your options! 1. Have I worn it in the past year? 2. Does it fit? No, I mean does it really fit? 3. Could I get it tailored? 4. […]

Inclusive Lingerie Brands to Invest in For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we need to get you right sis—these are the inclusive lingerie brands you need. From sexy lingerie to nude basics you can wear every day, we got you for V-day and beyond. Check out these amazing lingerie brands you (or your boo) should invest in for Valentine’s […]