Vitamin C is Vital to Your Skincare Routine and Here’s Why

Vitamin C is a skin supernutrient that protects skin cells from damaging sun rays, inhibits melanin production, helps improve hyperpigmentation, even out skin tone, and improve your natural glow. Now imagine the results of implementing vitamin c into your skincare routine. Say goodbye to random brown spots I’m happy to know that I’m not the […]

How to Style Bucket Hats

Dear The Stylette, I bought a few cute bucket hats. Ya know, because nostalgia. But, I realized I have no idea how to style them. Can you help me out with a few ideas? AShley | 28 | columbia, md | branding coach If you have had your eye on bucket hats lately, you’re not […]

Do Not Trip Over That Size Tag: A Lesson in Embracing Your Body

Do not, I repeat, Do NOT trip over that size tag 🏷 girl. If you need to go up a size or down—do not continue to sabotage yourself, talk down to yourself, or make it seem as if your body is the issue. It’s not. Embrace your body!! You should be investing in wardrobe items […]

Satin Top + Midi Skirt Fall Outfit Idea

Wall October we want to show you how versatile your essentials can be in your closet. If you don’t have them, make sure you add these to your list. Satin top moto leather jacket pleated mini skirt ankle boots pendant necklace black shoulder bag drop earrings Play with colors, prints and textures when curating your […]

6 Color Combinations We’re Excited to Try This Fall

Fall is always a good time to try new things right? Especially experimenting with color! Here are 6 color combinations we’re excited to try this fall. Chartreuse + Military Green Chartreuse + Baby Blue Orange + Millennial Pink Orange + Lilac Magenta + Chartreuse Almond + Military Green

Your 2020 Fall Fashion Month Guide

With the pandemic, no one has been 100% sure how 2020’s fashion month is going to go this September. However, I do have some insider information on what is going down. And of course, I have to spill the tea to my Stylettes so you guys are in on my favorite time of the year. […]

How to Get Your Toddler Dressed Without Breaking a Sweat

Getting my two-year-old dressed is like wrestling an alligator. The kicking, screaming, taking out a leg after I finally got the other into her shorts— you would think I just went for a jog with the sweat that came with that small simple task. I already went through this phase with my now almost six-year-old […]

Erica Matthews on 5 Ways the Fashion Industry Can Support Black Creatives

If you don’t know what’s going on right now and what has been going on for hundreds of years. You must be either living under a rock or just intentionally oblivious to the oppression, struggle, and the increasingly alarming rate that my people are being killed by the hands of law enforcement. Last week, we […]